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Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: ROG UI
Frequency of Occurrence: Everyday
Rooted: No
APP Name: Live wallpaper

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I don't know if this is right place to ask but is there any Live Wallpaper for ROG phone, where can I find it? ROG UI is cool but I wanted to see more options. I found many moving wallpaper in the Store but I like X Mode gimmick. It's the reason I bought the phone.;P
PS Sometimes phone temperature is really high (up to 40c,Game idle and no background app). I can't play game without fan connected. It's not my issue but I think it's something you may want to fix it.:loveliness:


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    Hi to_khun,

    You may tap and hold anywhere on the home screen to manage home, then tap "Wallpapers" > "Live Wallpaper" to access the options of Live Wallpapers.
    If you would like more options of Live Wallpapers,
    you may share your ideas in the Idea For Next section,
    the ideas there will be highly considered in our phone design. :)

    Could you tell me your firmware version? (Settings > System > About Phone > Software information)
    For temperature too high, could you tell me does it usually happen while using which gaming app?
    Please tell me the apps and their versions, and how you are using the app.
    Please tell me how much the temperature changes after using the app for some time (e.g. one hour).
    Was the temperature 40 degrees Celcius with or without the fan attached? Was the temperature shown in Game Center?

    Thank you for your help :)
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    I just wanted to see more options than those 3 :P I'm not complaining about phone getting too hot. It happens to my other phone as well when I play games with high setting for a long period.  ;P Attaching fan solve it very well (too well, my fingers freezing) 😂
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    I just wanted to see more options than those 3 I'm not complaining about phone getting too hot. I ...

    The phone is getting hot when playing in a room with 20c Temperature or higher but that is normal so atleast the fan is to cool the back and your fingers of the phone.
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