Where can I get ROG phone fixed?

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Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: Most recent as of 4/14/19
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
APP Name:

So I broke my ROG phone is the worst possible way I can think of. So I was talking to someone on Skype and I had the phone laid face down on my keyboard. No biggie. But then it started to slide down off and it did. It hit the wheel of my chair and it broke. However, the front glass of the phone was perfectly fine, but the screen of the phone itself is broken. The screen under the glass cracked and the phone has white lines and stuff everywhere when the screen is on. But now the phone will barely even function because it will constantly turn itself off completely. I'm currently typing this on my old iPhone and I want to know where I can get it fixed. Thanks
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