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It was so disappointing with my asus zenfone max pro m1. ZB602KL.. IN Just 5 months only..i bought.i'm encountering this kind of problem.everytime i called to anyone i can't heard ringing but when they answered, they heard my voice but i can't hear them.but when i turn on my loudspeaker...its working...i heard them. Whats going on asus??? I didnt press anything or happens only..i had asus zenfone go before i didnt encounter anything problem.but when my phone was stolen...then i bought this max pro m1..and now i'm facing this problem.i'm hoping you fix it Asap.


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    Hi jacquie_082009,

    Does it happen while SIM calling?
    Could you tell me your SIM carrier, call app version, and firmware version?
    * Find the firmware version in Settings > System > About phone > Build number
    Do you mean when you call you cannot hear anything from your side?
    Does this happen every time or occasionally?
    Does this happen when you call different persons, different carriers?
    Pleasechange to another SIM card by another network provider, and check if the problem still appears.

    Please show me a screenshot of the signal strength when the problemappears.
    (Settings > System > About phone > Status > SIM status)
    What is your approximate location where this usually happens? Are you in any building/ on atransportation/ in the basement/indoors or outdoors? Have you tried in different locations?

    Kindly help me with the questions above. Thank you :)
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