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Firmware/App Version: 15.0410.1807.75_0
Frequency of Occurrence: Sürekli
Rooted: No
App Name: Zenui
Description: Ekranda boyle bir siyahlık çıkıyor ekrana dokununca kayboluyor

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    Hi r.ulkar97

    Good day
    Can you help me confirm that phone is up to date? The latest version ZE552KL is WW_15.0410.1807.75.
    If the black screen still appears on the screen, I hope you performed a factory reset and wiped partition cache.
    If your phone already rooted, it won't within the range of our after-sales service.
    Thank you:)
  • <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Telefon ilk aldığım gün ki kadar orjinal root gibi herhangi bir işlem yapılmadıfabrika ayarlarına geri döndüm ama hic birşey fark etmiyo hatta siyah alan büyüdü</font></font>
  • Ekran resmini güncelledim siyah alan büyüdü
  • r.ulkar97 posted on 2019/4/2 00:24
    Ekran resmini güncelledim siyah alan büyüdü
    Hi r.ulkar97
    Thank youfor your inquiry. In order for us to help you with your situation, pleasekindly provide your information in English if possible. Thankyou
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