Camera (standard lens) not focusing

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Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: 15.1630.1902.80_0
Frequency of Occurrence: ALWAYS
Rooted: No
APP Name: Camera

I cannot say for sure that it was the latest firmware update or just poor quality control on the part of Asus but the 4:3 standard camera will no longer focus making the camera completely useless. My only options to have a functioning rear camera is to use the wide angle lens which causes all pictures taken to have a fishbowl effect.

I received my phone from Amazon on Nov 1, 2019 and to have issues only after 4 months is terrible. I contacted support and was told that I would have to send my phone in to be serviced. The representative would not go into detail on what actions would be taken; if it was to be repaired or replaced and stated that I would be responsible for the return shipping costs.

I must digress for a few moments and explain that while this phone is used for entertainment purposes it is also used for work. I am a manager who has on-call duty, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for 80 employees. Being without my phone is not an option or due to some fixation that I must have access to the internet at all times.

I explained my situation to the service representative and explained that I cannot be without my phone due to the demands of my job and request that they do an Advanced RMA or cross-shipping option. This way I could have a temporary or replacement sent to me before I sent my phone back to Asus. This is an option that they do have because I do have brand loyalty and have many Asus vanilla and Asus ROG branded items from laptops to pc components.

I was told by the service representative that this is not possible and that I would have to return my phone first for servicing and/or replacement. He suggested that I could use my SIM card in an older phone to which I explained that my cellular carrier will charge me a fee to get a new SIM card (when not defective) to accomodate the older phone because of the change in SIM card size and I would again have to do this when my replacement/repaired device arrived back in my possession. This is not a reasonable cost that the consumer should have to be burdened with because the unwillingness of a company to do right by their customer.

Has anyone found a solution to this issue short of sending it in for RMA?


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    Hi ohms139,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
    I have checked with the team about this.

    Have you tried clearing cache and data on your camera?
    Does the focusing problem appear in third-party camera apps?

    Thank you.
  • ZsoltZsolt Level 1
    Wow I thought I'm clumsy... The focus is often miss.
    A bit better if I use continuous autofocus. The problem is that it focuses on the background and miss a lot. Even if recognize the face shoot a blurred image. I think can fix it in software. Could you show some example pictures?
  • Hi ohms139,

    Here are some tests we would like to suggest you try:
    1) Please try in safe mode and check if the Camera can function normally.
    How to enter safe mode:
    2) Does switching and toggling between Auto and Pro mode make a difference?
    3) Please tell us your camera version.

    Thank you :)
  • hzsolt87 posted on 2019/4/5 06:58
    Wow I thought I'm clumsy... The focus is often miss.
    A bit better if I use continuous autofocus. ...

    Hi hzsolt87,

    Could you tell me the focus mode that often misses focus?

    Please upload the original photo to ASUS WebStorage and share the link with us.
    ASUS WebStorage:

    Please also tell me the lighting, indoors/outdoors, distance and show me the settings of your camera when you took the pictures.
    1. Which camera mode (Screenshot of the page after opening Camera.)
    2. Tap on "Settings" on the top-right corner in camera, then screenshot this page.

    Thank you :)
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