Wifi sygnal too weak, Erratic volume behavior, SD card failure

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Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: Android 9
Frequency of Occurrence: Most times
Rooted: No
APP Name: Zen UI


I got the phone trough Amazon on august last year. It came with Android Oreo, and everything worked well, no issues whatsoever. Loved the phone.

Since the first Android 9 update, the phone has been behaving erratically. It not as stable as it were before. I'll quckly describe the issues that I'm having.

1. The sygnal strenght of the wifi, its just bad. Its like I moved the router 50m away. Prior to the update I was able to use the internet from my bedroom, and the router, wich is in the other room separated by a hallway had more than enough strengh to do its thing. Now the phone cannot stay connected, to the point that I had go buy a wifi extender, only for the phone, tablet and laptop work fine.

2. The SD card. It never happened before, till now. Sometimes, when I want to move something or copy something, I find that the SD card is nowhere to be found, its like its not there, I have to restart the phone and it comes back as nothing ever happened. The SD card is a 256GB patriot branded. Not the cheapest one out there. These things become annoying since most of my data, docs and vids are there, for convenience, and by default, the systems stores the pictures taken with the phone's camera there also, so, whenever this happens all the pictures go away as well. I believe this is a software issue.

3. Last but not least, The earbuds, I don't use the ones that came with the phone because I don't like how all earphones now are of the in-ear kind, my ear hurts, I couldn't get used to those, so I use apple earbuds, only one nice thing they still make. Before and since I got the phone I didn't have any issues with those, wether listening to music or in Youtube, calls, whatever. Now, after the update, whenever I am listening to Spotify or Youtube the volume goes all the way down as if I was pushing the button. And if I bring up volume again it will lower it all the way down. As you can see this is pretty annoying. Does this have to do with the ZenFone 5z not supporting Apple earbuds? It is important to mention that I haven't had any issues with sound quality whatsoever, sound is great until volume is zero.

So, I really like the phone, I think is a great device but theses kind of bugs are really losing me, I want the phone to work as expected, it is not cheap and my plan is using for many years to come, so, I kindly ask for Asus to fix theses issues if possible.

Thank you.


  • Hi ajlemmo,

    Good day,
    Could you please kindly tell me which firmware are you currently on?
    (settings> system > about phone > software information)

    Does another Android Phone work well at the same time?
    Could you please help me reset the network settings
    (settings> system> reset options> reset WiFi, mobile & bluetooth)

    Do you mean the device can't detect the SD card sometimes?
    Which app do you use to move files to SD card?
    I would suggest you use another SD card for a check.

    May I know that you use wireless or wired earphone?
    Does this problem happen if you use the stock earphone or others?
    Have you used the Audio Wizard? If yes. Could you show me the screenshot of your setup?
    If possible to show me a sample about this matter?

    Thank you.
  • Emilee_ASUS posted on 2019/3/29 03:19
    Hi ajlemmo,

    Good day,


    I wanted to upload a screen recording to show you the behavior when the earphones are plugged in but this app doesn' allow video uploads, so...

    I attached a screenshot of the firmware info, and the Audio wizzard setting for eaephones I use, which are original apple wired earphones.

    I will try to answer as thoroughly as possible.

    1. About the wifi, I tried restarting the settings with no luck, I have a Samsung tablet and next to the phone in the same room has good enough wifi sygnal strenght, my wife's iPhone 5s and old iPad do too.

    2. Regarding the SD card, I really can't tell when this happens, it happens sometimes and I only realise it when I need to transfer a file or look for solething there. I use Total Commander mostly and the buitl in File Manager. Neither of the apps show it when the issue happens.

    3. Laslty, I don't recall having the issue with the stock earphones, I would have liked you to see the screen recording so you xan see waht the phone does, even when I was typing, the volum bar kept on showing and the volume went down.

    Hope this helps,
  • Hi ajlemmo,

    Thanks for your reply.
    A new firmware has released today, I would suggest you can wait for the next update WW-

    If these problems still persist, please kindy tell me more details as below:

    How long is the distance between the router and phone? Do you connect 2.4g or 5g WiFi?
    Please use the "Speed test" app to show me the screenshots of the comparison result with another device that you mention, Samsung tablet at the same time.
    01. the brand and model of the router
    02. WiFi security setup

    I would suggest you can use another SD card for a check.

    Could you kindly show me how do you find out the volume goes all the way down?
    Is there any video for our reference?

    Thank you.
    Have a nice weekend. :)
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