No notifications unless app is opened

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Model: ZC600KL
Firmware/APP Version: 7.1.1
Frequency of Occurrence: Constant
Rooted: No
APP Name:

I have the Asus Zenfone 5Q and am having issues getting any type of notification.

I do not receive notifications until I open the app. Gmail messages sit in my inbox, I receive no notifications until I open Gmail. Hangouts messages, same thing. I use a third party messaging app as well called Signal, I don't get notifications when I receive messages on there either. For some reason I always get Facebook app notifications (but I don't care about those).

I've checked and double checked my notifications setting, everything is on and allowed. Yet I still receive no notifications. I've turned on the badge, red Dot on the app icon type notifications, I don't get those.

This is very frustrating, as this is a brand new phone, I would like it to let me know when I get an email, a text message, a Hangouts chat etc.

Help Asus!


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    Hi khill222,

    Good day.
    Please kindly try to update the system to WW-14.0400.1903.065 for a check.
    (settings> system > system update)

    If this problem still persists, please check as below steps:
    (1.) settings> notifications> reset app preferences
    (2.) Mobile manager > notifications> toggle on all apps to "Allow"
    (3.) If you would like apps automatically start in background, I suggest you choose not optimized.
    (4.) Gmail : settings> your account > notifications> Inbox notifications> > turn on " Notify for every message"

    Thank you. :)
  • @khill222 try disabling face unlock--for some reason when you unlock your phone with face unlock it won't show your notifications. To test this, next time your notifications don't appear, cover the camera or point it away from your face, re-lock the phone, then unlock it using fingerprint, pin, pattern, etc... voila... your notifications are back.
  • I have the same problem with my Zenfone 5Q, but on my Phone App. When I open app notification on Mobile Manager, the Phone App is turned on, but grayed out, as shown in attachment, and I can't change it. Any suggestion? Many thanks.

  • I have android ver. 9.

    I have had the same issue since I bought the phone twice with the app wyze. I have already know that once you download an app & the app had notificatons you had to at least go to auto-start manager to get them to come through & enabled the app or say yes to that app. The way I managed to get it to work where you dont have to have the app open just so the notifications come is this.

    1st I already had the apps notifications already enabled so check this 1st settings/ apps & notifications (if you dont see your app tap on see all apps)/ look for & tap on the app/ for notifications should already say on/ permissions should of already been given other wyse more reason not to work.

    Then in the auto-start manager (if haven't already given this app the permissions its asking for give it to it)/ then either 1 of the 3 tabs of recently installed, downloaded, or preloaded, your app should be listed under, look for your app & enabled it. most of the apps are not going to be enabled here by default cause this program is ... well actually tap on the 3 dots on the top right had corner & then notice & it gives an explanation of what this app is for.

    Once you have all of this already enabled or turned on & still nothing then try this

    settings/ app & notifications/ scroll down or look for special app access/ look for notification access & if your app is listed enable it if its not already enabled. In my case it was not but like wear os for the smart watch was already enabled.

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