I want tv app

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Model: ZE551ML
Firmware/APP Version: Latest version
Frequency of Occurrence: Everytime i played..
Rooted: No
APP Name: I want tv
Screenshot: https://us.v-cdn.net/6031231/uploads/ww_attachments/201903/23/211422uigiheiuvi5vv3tg.jpg

Some movies from iwant tv app don't play video, but audio working. But others movies esp those old movies played. What seems to be the problem. No problem with internet connection.


  • Hi carl.mccann1068

    Good day
    What's your phone’s firmware version (Settings > About > Software information > Build number)
    Also the version of I want tv?
    Could you kindly provide any movies that can't play in I want tv.
    Please help to confirm, thank you
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