ASUS Zenfone Live L1 Multitouch & Double Tap to wake Device issue

After i upgrade my firmware to latest i experienced multitouch and double tap to wake device .. any plan to fix this issue ??


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    Hi neelzizahairal14,

    Could you tell me your firmware version?
    Do you mean double tap to wake up device does not work? Does it happen every time or occasionally?
    Does multitouch happen during any specific action?

    Thank you :)
  • multitouch bugs happens when i play games like nba2k19, pubg, ML .. and the double tap to wake up device sometimes its working, sometimes not .. 
  • i updated to the latest firmware but the problem is still there .. multitouch and double tap to wake up device also the battery consumption and laggy quick settings when theres an album art showing when playing music
  • just update the latest software and the problem will gone
  • i already update to latest software but still the problem is there
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