BLUETOOTH has stopped error keep showing after pairing with car Honda

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Model: ZC551KL(Laser)
Firmware/App Version: WW_32.40.106.114_20180928
Frequency of Occurrence: each time pairing with car
Rooted: No
App Name:
Description: keep showing has stopped after pairing for about 2 min. Ask me to stop the application. Try again opening bluetooh. Same problem since 2 month.

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From about 3 month, had problem with loosing pairing connection with my car. Keep connecting and disconnecting while driving. Done a factory reset of my phone. Now, it can connect anymore with my car. Tried rebooting in safe mode, same problem. Tried different app for fixing bluetooth problem. Did not work. Tried removing the battery optimisation from Bluetooth MIDI Service and Bluetooth Share. Still the same problem. Tried to clear data cache for the last 2 system bluetooth app mentionned and reboot. Still the same problem.

Android version 7.1.1

Now, i was thinking of changing my zenfone for a newest product from Asus. But now, considering replacing my phone with another company. Cause i seen on google that you have many problem with bluetooth device.

Can you tell me what to do now ??

Hope to get an answer cause i won't wait long before buying my self a samsung galaxy or a onePlus phone.




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