Asus X441UB Onboard Ram Failure

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Unable to Boot
Model: Asus X441UB
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No

Hei there.

I would like to ask about my laptop which is Asus X441UB with specification detail below :
Procie : core i3 7020u
Vga : nvidia mx130
Memory : 4gb

I upgraded the RAM laptop myself with vgen ram pc 12800 2133mhz 4gb. So, my laptop is 8gb RAM.

It used to work normally within 3 weeks until the laptop shutdown by itself when i was playing game and it couldn't turn on anymore.

So, I took it to ASUS Service Center and they said they could not fix it due to the RAM onboard problem. I confused as to they cannot fix it and need to replace the Laptop mainboard. But i don't have warranty anymore because i upgraded the RAM myself. It just 3 weeks old and i dont know the cause of my broken laptop.

Is there anyway I can reach ASUS to help me of my problem?
Or i'm really hopeless and need to give up of the condition?

I'm still searching for Laptop repairing service and hope they could fix the problem.
I hope you can give me suggestion for the problem. Thank You.


  • if your laptop comes with removable battery means , remove it. and keep the battery in sunlight for 2 minutes .
    remove all external connectors .
    press and hold the power button for 60 seconds and then release.
    insert the battery into laptop.
    connect the CHARGER , and see if it charging or not . if charging means , leave for 20 minutes.
    now power on , see if it powers on or not

    it does not power on means , then remove newly added ram module , then try to switch on again
  • we have to reaserve the battery power atleast 5% , if battrery goes to 5% it must be configured in power settings , so that laptops shutdown automatically. after thatwhen we need to use laptop, that 5% is enough to power on
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    Hello riyo.asakura90,
    I'm really sorry for what has happened.
    According to our service policy,
    dismantling the device yourself will lose warranty.

    Please PM me your product SN or RMA number.
    I will look for your case detail and see if there is any infomation that will help.

    Thank you for messaging us.
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