Screenpad went black and wont come back

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Screenpad black after closing lit of notebook
Model: UX580G
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No

Hello there,

my notebook was working fine until yesterday. I used the notebook in battery mode and while it was running, i closed the lit. After that the notebook went into sleep (windows default). Today I opend the lit, the screen was black, the Screenpad was working. I couldnt get the screen working, so I forced a shutdown by holding the power button long enough. I rebootet the system, the Screen was working, the screenpad was black. The Touchpad is working, but the screenpad is not.

I can try to change the modes by using F6 (i see the notification on the screen). But the screenpad stays black. I tried to install the drivers new und installed the Screenpad Launcher from the windows store new. Nothing helped.

Does any of you guys have an ides?

Kind regards



  • try to configure in power settings such a way that .when you close lid , it must turns off the screen .
    When you open the lid ,screen comes back /

    I have chnaged all default power settings, I was configured my own power plan witrh requiremnts . No issues til today
  • Hello Sydney,
    Please upgrade your screenpad toolbar to the latest version
    And then reboot your device again.
    If the problem persist, please let me know.
    Thank you for messaging us.
    Have a nice day.
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