Bugs and requested features in the dialler and phone app.

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Model: ZS620KL
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Frequency of Occurrence: Random
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APP Name: Phone or Dialler

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1. Please provide Native video calling or operator calling support. We very much need it, why is it so difficult to provide us with this feature?
There is support for it but it has been disabled. Please enable those options, it'll be very helpful and useful. We very much need it. Please.
Below is a link to the screenshots of what I mean.


2. Incoming call bug hasn't been fixed yet and you still have to wait for 45 second if the call enters full screen.
I don't understand why Asus isn't taking care of these bugs and focusing on increasing animation's speed and Unlocking speed by milliseconds isn't the 45 second a bigger thing ?
Below is a link elaborating the issue and the next link is to the video



I'll also link a video to the most recent comment of the linked post describing what I really mean by the freeze. And please don't say it's a design (if it's a design at least give us privilege to change it), we don't want to wait for 45 secs and hear it to be a design it is very very irritating.

3. I've been facing frequent crashes in the dialler when I try calling someone, sometimes it just happens and then you won't be able to see if the call is going through and then even incoming calls won't be shown, but could only be heard. The only way to fix it is to restart, then again it'll happen if you try calling someone multiple times.

4. Feature which lets you know how long/how many secs the phone rang when you miss a call instead of showing 0 mins and 0 secs.
And same goes for the outgoing calls, instead of showing 0min 0secs when the call doesn't connect showing didn't connect would be more preferable. A video calling option could be added at the left of call symbol, and adding symbol for the incoming and missed calls too like that of the outgoing call.
Also giving an option to show the name along with the number and location...

I'll link screenshots showing what I mean..


I liked the new option where you could see which calls have been recorded and directly play the recording from the call history. Thanks for that feature.

5. Feature which would tell you when the phone is dialing and when it's ringing on the other side like in vivo smartphones. Asus claims Zenfone 5Z to be an Intelligent phone so can't it do that can't they stand up to their claim.

6. When you block a particular number or select the option to block the numbers not saved on your device, you have no idea of which numbers were blocked, how many times, and when they were blocked which forces user to use some third party app like true caller. When you enter the block list it shows the numbers saved on your Device which you blocked, but doesn't show if there were any call from that particular number and were blocked. It just blocks without notifying you or giving you an option to view it later. And for unknown numbers you'll never know who called you.
Displaying which numbers were blocked and how many times like in older ZenUI would be very helpful.


7. The contact and dialer app is buggy sometimes you aren't able to change the name of the contacts saved on the device and sometimes it mismatches numbers and names saved. It shows names from your sim card instead of your device even when you've disabled contacts displaying from sim card. And at times it is unable to delete, edit, open or even dial a number which is saved on the device.

These are all the bugs and lacking feature related to The phone or dialler.


  • I'll try to find this things too in my phone if these are existing.
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    Re: this are my test and speculations.
    1.) There's nothing that kind in my phone. Only google duo is available. VOLte and wifi\Video provisioning is not supported on my phone or by my carrier.

    2-3) feedback later.

    4.) About how long the phone rang it's pretty having sense that when you don't answer the incoming call it only takes less a minute,it depends on your carrier waiting time.maybe your pointing out how many calls did you missed from the caller based from your provided samples.

    Then, 0 mins 0 secs stands on how long you've been talking on the other handset.

    Well its good to have some kind of calls sorting from each contact.

    5.)on my opinion, when the other line rings then that handset in online. Otherwise not.

    6.)Gonna test this and feedback you later.

    7. Maybe, the contacts stored in simcard is outdated and the other one in device is updated or vice-versa that's why you're having a mismatch problemI never experienced this kind of matter such displaying a contacts from sim cards even though it is toggled off in the setting. It works normally.

    In my phone's summary: normally working.. except on your no.1 problem- which depends in carrier or due to some reasons.
  • Hi Rowan_Kafle,

    (1.), (4.), (5.)&(6.)
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    If you would like to suggest this as an improvement to our RD team
    please feel free to post your needs in the "Idea for next" section, at the following:
    Posts in that section will be highly considered by our team

    Sorry for my late reply.
    This problem is under investigation.
    I would suggest you can turn on "Use heads-up notifications" feature in phone app settings.
    (Click phone app > 3 dots menu > settings> call screen> Use heads-up notifications)

    The feature will be triggered on specific condition as below:
    1. When the keyboard slide on the screen.
    2. When the screen is in Immersive mode (full-screen immersive mode)

    Is there any error message pop on when you encounter this problem?
    If yes. Please show me this screenshot.
    I don't find this problem if I make a call or receice a call.
    Have you tried to clean storage and cache on the Phone app?

    Could you kindly help to check where did you update the contact information?
    Do you save contact to duplicate places?

    Thank you.
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