Zenfone Zoom S - Do not Buy

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Model: ZE553KL(Zoom)
Firmware/App Version: I do not know why I'm without it, but it's the last
Location: Brazil
Frequency of Occurrence:
Rooted: No
App Name:
Description: Disposable smartphone!!

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Asus I'm sorry, but this model Zenfone Zoom S is the worst smartphone created by Asus. Has a chronic screen problem, since ALL are complaining about the same problem, just search on Google. Already gave problem in the first one that I bought and gave of present, now gave problem in the second two times, and always the same problem of the screen does not turn on. UNTIL WHEN THE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE WILL BE CHANGING SCREEN? Until the consumer gives up? I sent again for the technical assistance and I hope to receive ANOTHER MODEL, because I do not want this CHRONIC PROBLEM that will certainly give a problem after the warranty and I will be in huge loss. RMA: BRB6K31445


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