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Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version:
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Rooted: No
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Andoid 9 on zenfone 5 takes a lot of battery. Before, I was able to get 3 days with 5~6 hours screen time. Now, I only get 2 days with 3~4 hours screen time. WTF ASUS!? When are you going to fix this shit!?


  • I am having the same issues here with noticable drained. I have attached herewith the screenshot of the battery usage record.
  • this is so annoying.. I regret upgrading to android 9..
  • ASUS probably given up on this phone..

    Dear Asus... if you're so damn lazy to fix things.. please.. stop making gadgets.. now, I regret buying this shitty phone.
  • Hi All

    Good day.
    Do you mean your phone battery consume soon when standby or in use?
    Are your firmware currently on the latest WW-v16.0611.1901.1?
    If yes. I would suggest you let the battery charge more than 30 minutes even the battery percentage shows 100 for a check.
    If this problem still exists, could you help me capture a log about this matter?

    Thank you.
  • Hi All,

    Good day.
    I've texted you by PM, please check your message box.

    Thank you. ;)
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