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ZF Model: ZS551KL
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Rooted: Yes
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Hello, I am a new owner and have few questions. Admittedly I am already half turned off this forum, by all the things it takes to get this far. The no robot caption took about TWELVE pages

There is the question of country for registration. Now, I live in Japan, but I do not really speak japanese, yet when I click on Japan this is automatically assumed and I have no choice of another language-

My first question would be about ASUS Zen Ui, I checked and I found a page wher the mod was obviously mot willing ansaer and simply posted a link, which hoewever does not answer WHAT IS ASUS ZEN UI ? What are the UI PC Suite and what are UI services?

Why does my keyboard not function normally on this page?

Thank you


  • Hi thomasmann,

    For the Japan language problem, do you mean on ZenTalk? Is it web version on PC or the app on your phone?

    ZenUI is the user interface on our ZenFones. You can refer to https://www.asus.com/ZenUI/

    Could you show me the screenshot of UI PC suite? Where does it appear?
    Please tell me your ZenFone model and firmware version.

    Could you also tell me where you can see UI services? Please show me a screenshot.

    Thank you :)
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    Thank you for your answer Jei...

    Once again logging into the forum took 15 minutes. I had to get a reset on the password!

    Language Problem: EVERYWHERE, trying to register the phone, trying to register in the forum, even on the phone itself.
    When I try to regsiter my phone, the software actually tells me that my SN number is wrong, which it is NOT even after the third time I checked, and I find it a bit insulting as a customer to waste half an hour, because I want to ask about the language for which NO extra information is needed. Still, Assus wants me to ask the BIOS version... AND THERE IS NO SIMPLE WAY TO CONTACT ASUS AT ALL, to ask such a simple question.

    The problem are the people who write retarded software. They assume that everybody who is in Japan must be Japanese and speaks and reads Japanese.... So they save everybody the two seconds it takes to click at the language that one WANTS to use...

    "ZenUI is the user interface on our ZenFones"

    What kind of advantage does it actually bring? And as there does not seem to be one single thing, what do I do to get rid off it, when it always comes up, when I connect my phone to my computer

    Also., I get a warning that I am logging from an unusal location and should change my password. Thank you, but I do not need any advice and I prefer to log in from where I chosse...

    Thanks, Thomas
  • Right now I wanted to edit my post, to add a picture, but once again it is not possible.
    Two pop ups on top of another once again do not allow access, this time to the "Edit" button. And the pop ups cannot be removed

    I will attach (IF that works) two pictures, one showing the virtual drive for ZenUI, that I want to get rid off, and a second picture

    One more thing. I own an Asus tablet which I bought seven years ago, and now an ASUS phone. Both are excellent and easy to root hadrdware, so I wrongly assumed the support might be of the same quality.
    I am wondering if your answer will change my mind on the subject

    I now tried to upload the first picture, and below appears "Click file name and insert to content". The bad news is, that after uploading... there is no file to click on this page...
    I will now attempt uploading the second picture.

    Once again nothing happens....
  • Go fuck yourselves, morons,,,,
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