Please add Nightshot in asus 5z

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We all know asus 5z have good camera (12mp).
Day light pic is very good,but when it come with night then it take poor shot.i think its a software algorithm issue.
Please improve it


  • I supporting you same problem hear
  • You can also use pro mode. Much better than night shot.
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    Pro mode is not better than Night sight, but just brighter. It'll be much better than night sight only when it provides support for HDR or Bracketing option with better image stabilization in pro mode.
  • Hi anjabin.rahman57,

    Good day.
    The low light may also affect the focusing speed and the camera's aperture is rather small than the main camera. In the dark environment, It’s a normal phenomenon the photographs will have a little noise.

    I would recommend you can switch to "Pro mode" to take photos.

    Thank you.
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