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I have a problem while charging, I am charging as usual but when 73% of my battery is full and it worries me, what is the solution?


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    To fix the issue, you just need to calibrate your battery to reset the battery log for which the battery percentage is showing you wrong digits.

    To calibrate your battery, follow the below steps (These steps work with other brand Android mobiles too) :

    1. First, keep using your phone till 0% and let the phone Power Off itself.

    2. Connect the charger and let the phone to charge up till charging light turns green.


    4. When the charging light turns green, do not unplug the charging cable or turn off the switch. Let the phone as plugged in and turn on the phone by long pressing the Power button.

    5. When you see the "Powerd by Android" logo followed by the ZenFone animation, that moment, unplug the charging cable and when your home screen shows up, the battery percentage should show you 100%.

    Those are the steps to calibrate your ZenFone battery, which also helps to eliminate nominal battery draining issues.

    Battery calibration should be done once in a month for better health of your ZenFone battery.

    Let us know the result after following the above mentioned steps.
  • that not working for my phone bro, i already try it
  • aliakbardes posted on 2019/2/27 12:25
    that not working for my phone bro, i already try it

    Then its time to visit the nearest authorized Asus Service Centre with the phone and the original invoice as well as the charger and the charging cable you use to charge your phone and they would take care of the rest since the battery calibration didn't work for you.
  • i think this just a bug software because not only me device , but all user have same problem with me
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