Android 9.0 update bugs./zenfone 5

Found bug when a flipped APP is open then i hit The multitask button shows The Home screen flipped.

Found bug when playing Music in some apps, and get a incoming message from WhatsApp. The sound changes between mono/stereo and flick in a short moment.


  • Hi box.oliveiramusic,

    Good day,
    (1.) Do you mean if the screen on landscape mode and click the recent app key, then the home screen will rotate to portrait mode?
    (2.) This problem is under investigation. We'll get back to you if there's anything update.

    Thank you.
  • Hi box.oliveiramusic,

    Good day.
    For (2.)
    This issue will improve this in the future firmware update, please stay tuned with ZenTalk forum.
    Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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