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So my issue this time is when I am connected to Wi-Fi, with the phone, I cannot receive calls. I can receive text messages, which I guess makes sense, since those just wait until you have a proper signal and then send them. But phone calls I don't get at all. I have pretty good service I have at least 4g most of the time and it seems when I'm connected to Wi-Fi I can't get calls. If I turn off Wi-Fi and just go right to 4G, i receive calls with no issues. I am using T-Mobile in the United States and just wondering what I could possibly do to fix this. Thank you


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    Hi weiss.clayton.t,

    Could you tell us your current firmware version?
    Please update to the latest firmware WW-15.1630.1812.68 if you have not yet. :)
    Could you recall since which firmware version did this problem start to occur?

    If the problem is still appearing,
    1) Could you tell us are you unable to receive a call every time you are connected to WiFi?
    2) Can you dial normally when you are connected to WiFi?
    3) Have you tried connecting to different WiFi routers?
    4) Does any message appear after you have missed a call?
    5) Could you show us the SIM status when this problem appears? (Settings > System > About phone > Status > SIM status)
    6) Could you show us a short video of the problem? This could help us understand the problem greatly.
    Please upload the video to ASUS Webstorage or any other cloud sharing website you would prefer, and share the link to us.

    Please try some tests:
    1) Connecting to different WiFi routers
    2) Try with another SIM card by a different operator

    Thank you :)
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