air triggers

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I have a problem in air trigger settings when I want to set them in the pupg game. The red and blue circles disappear and do not remain fixed so that they do not respond when the air trigger is activated.


  • Hi jasimbajlan,

    Does AirTriggers work normally on other apps?
    What is your PUBG version and firmware version?
    Please reinstall your PUBG, and check if the problem still appears.
    If the problem still appears, please show me a screenshot of your AirTriggers settings (Settings > Advanced > AirTriggers),
    and show me a short video of the problem.
    *To share videos, please upload to ASUS WebStorage ( any other cloud storage website, and share the link with us.

    Thank you :)
  • Maybe you need to toggle it on from the game genie in the game? it is beside the navigation bar when you inside a game. If game genie doesnt appear you need to add the application as a game.
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