NO 4G / LTE connection only 3G/H+

ZF Model: ZE554KL
Firmware/APP Version: ww_ze554kl_15.0610.1901.22
Frequency of Occurrence: always
Rooted: No
APP Name:

I have a problem since i updated to last firmware ww_ze554kl_15.0610.1901.22 .
My connection drops from 4G to 3G or H+ in a 4G full signal area. i tried changing my sim card in a other phone and it works, when tried to put a other operator sim in my phone it show the same problem.... the 4G icon appear ma no data connection it works only when i am on 4g+ but when i am in 4G only no connection is available and after a while the only way is manually change the net on 3G only


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    Hi daniele.salgari,

    Do you mean only 4G+, 3G, H+ works?
    When you try to use 4G, you have to manually set the preferred network to "3G/2G"?
    When connected to 4G+, what is your preferred mobile network setting?

    Please try resetting your network settings and try again. (Settings > Connections > More > Network settings reset.)
    Please tell me the operators that have this problem, and the brand and model of the other phone that works normally.
    Please show me a screenshot of the signal strength,
    (Settings > System > About phone > Status > SIM status)
    Please check if it happens in other locations,
    and what is the location and surroundings where this happens?
    What is your previous firmware version that does not have this problem?
    Could you show me screenshots or a short video of the problem?

    Also, I have PMed you, please take a look.

    Thank you :)
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