how to import new ringtones from downloads?

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Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: 4.9.112-perf+
Frequency of Occurrence: some of the time only
Rooted: No
APP Name:

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Very nice phone. Trying to add a notification sound copied over from an older Asus into my Downloads folder, I get:
"device does not support ape or mp4"

Even after converting the audio file to mp3 and/or ogg with a linux utility called [color=rgb(36, 39, 41)]avconv[/color]

The downloaded audio files do play well outside trying to set them as the ringtone, but trying to add them as a notification tone consistently fails with the above message.

What's the proper least intrusive way for adding ringtones and what file formats are allowed and expected? I couldn't locate the existing ringtones through the pre-installed file manager app (even when marking off "hide system files").



  • Well importing the new sound file from the main settings rather than from the app from which I was accessing the same view of notification sound selection, worked. Odd bug but seems to have been only transient. Closing this.
  • Hi dev.matan,

    Good day.
    Do you still encounter this problem now?
    I would suggest you move the music files to "Ringtones" files via the File manager app.

    Thank you.
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