Bugs on Zenfone 5 (Android 9 Pie)

Ok, I thought that the bug of Spotify struggling when I send ou receive messages was only in this case (messages of WhatsApp), but it happens with any sound, YouTube, Spotify, WhatsApp audios (when I get any notification the sound playing just struggle a little bit and then get's normal again). And another bug is that now there is sometimes when I try to open an app that I blocked with my digital and it just doesn't work, don't open, nothing happen, and there isn't any problem with my digital "bottom" .


  • Hi adalbertotuboly,

    Good day.
    (1.) For the sound problem,
    Does this problem appear under safe mode?
    In safe mode, only the factory pre-installed applications will be loaded.
    For instructions, please refer to the link below:

    Please kindly show us a short video about this matter.

    (2.) App lock problem,
    Do you mean the app lock not unlock while you enter the digital code?
    If your Asus Launcher is on version, please kindly restore it.
    (settings > apps & notifications > see all apps >r Asus Launcher > storage & memory >clear storage & cache)

    And I would suggest you remove all the security lock and recreate a new one for a check.

    Thank you.
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