Screen resolution in films

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ZF Model: ZB631KL
Firmware/APP Version: 186-20190121
Frequency of Occurrence: Since I bought the device.
Rooted: No
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Films on YT are not adapted to the screen resolution. The films have black frames Attachment not found., after zooming, the screen, which should be behind the notch, grows to the normal size as it should be at the beginning but cuts the piece of the movieAttachment not found.. I hope that this bug will be repaired quickly.


  • Notch area not supported in videos and games, when playing videos it is not coming to screen resolution sides getting black frame s
  • cbckarthick posted on 2019/1/29 18:49
    Notch area not supported in videos and games, when playing videos it is not coming to screen resolut ...

    Was supported when we first purchased the device, but the very first update broke that feature
  • I understand that with full resolution (with a notch) there may be problems with cutting the screen, but the videos are not matched even to the notch tip. Videos are displayed with black bars on all sides (up, down, right, left). It's like there was no notch, and the screen would still have black frames around.
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    Hi all

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    Sorry, we're afraid we may need more picture on your problem.
    Could take the photo of whole phone with other phone.
    Also provide the picture which not broke the feature showing before the update.
    Thank you :)
  • I mean something like that.In other phones with notch, you can enlarge the film behind the notch.On Asus Zenfone max pro m2, you can enlarge the screen, but it can not be enlarged like in the picture from the video.Will this option be introduced?The first screen is in the normal size on my asus, and the second on the enlarged one.You can see the black bar on the second screen.This is the area under the notch. I heard that this option was available but after the update it was no longer available.
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