Audio isuues zenfone 4 max ZC520KL

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I have a problem, since I bought my mobile 7 months ago I've noticed that when I record videos on environments with high sounds such as concerts or parties the sound is horrible when I play the video, I've search for information about this problem and it's there since the mobile was launched, we need a solution, I sent my mobile twice to the support center and there isn't still a solution, I will ask for a refund of my money.


  • Yea it's a bit hit and miss they never fixed it, nor will they admit it. I can garantee you Emilee will say one of 2 things, factory restore it or bring it in for service, when the issue is they have the volume levels so fudged up it isn't funny.

    With the latest update, the stock camera app tends to go "silent" on loud things like music or car engines. So I use snap camera, and changed the microphone it was using, and now it works, but now it's so loud it can clip easily.
  • Hi leticiarl62,

    Good day.
    Are your firmware version currently on the WW-15.2016.1901.506?
    The sound being recorded is too high problem, we have improved this problem on Android Oreo update.

    If your system version has updated to the latest, please kindly let me know.
    Thank you. :)
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