Some applications (file managers) are unable to sustain valid MTP-database.

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ZF Model: ZB602KL
Firmware/APP Version: *.338, *.339
Frequency of Occurrence: constantly
Rooted: No
APP Name: MTP interface

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I have tried three popular file managers for Android:
1) Total Commander, v. 2.91
2) X-Plore, v. 4.12.00
3) FX, v.


During MTP-connection (to Windows XP SP3):

File operations of (1) are not represented at all (created files/folders don't appear; deleted files/folders are "ghosts" - present in Explorer, but not accessible).

(2) is OK in all operations (bug doesn't appear).

(3) has an option "Update the Android media database when files change" - which has partial effect:
ON - deleted folders are removed in MTP, but created folders are still invisible;
OFF - deleted folders are "ghosts" in MTP, created folders are invisible.


Author of (1) says he has tested this at Android 8.0 (can't test at 8.1), and everything is OK.
So I suspect that Android 8.1 has renewed MTP-updating calls, but redirection of old calling is buggy.


  • Hi owlsday.aa,

    Is the error presented when connected to PC (windows XP)?
    For Total Commander and FX, could you show me screenshots of the error?
    Thank you.
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    Jei_ASUS posted on 2019/1/29 09:18
    Hi owlsday.aa,

    Is the error presented when connected to PC (windows XP)?

    All operations are done _before_ MTP-connection.
    Error alert is seen only on access to a ghost-file (which is really absent). Ghost-folders are entered and deleted without alerts.
    Shot: ADB shows real state of the file system, while MTP view is not updated in parts.
    * del_1~4 are created by "Files" (stock file manager),
    * del_# are deleted by corresponding apps,
    * new_# are created by corresponding apps;
    * del_4, new_4 - by FX with "Update Media Database"=off

    /* Seems fixed in Android 9.0 upgrade (Pie.053). */
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