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  • yes battery is drain too much asus team do something about that
  • Hi both

    Please kindly provide me your phone’s model and firmware version.

    Are you talking about battery drains in standby mode or in use?
    If you think that there’s battery draining in standby mode, please charge your phone to full before going to sleep, and leave it unused and unplugged overnight. Please capture 2 screenshots as below on the next morning before you use your phone and tell me how many percentage of power the phone has consumed overnight:
    1. Battery : settings> Battery
    2. History details: settings> Battery> please click the sheet

    Thank you:)
  • Hi sir 
    Subject: charging issue
    I am purchase Asus Zenfone 3
    Laser model zo1bdb at the date of June 2018 
                      Before two weeks I have Mobile charging issue charging cable connect to Mobile show current passing in battery box  but charging not increased. I have warenty card how solve this issue😎😏
  • gteja940 posted on 2019/2/20 01:25
    Hi sir 
    Subject: charging issue
    I am purchase Asus Zenfone 3

    Hi gteja940

    Please try to use other different charger for a check.
    If the probelm exist, I would suggest you to send the phone to your nearest repair center for checkups

    Thank you:)
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