Asus Zenfone Max Plus M1 (latest version)

ZF Model: ZB570TL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_Phone-15.02.1810.380
Frequency of Occurrence: Every few seconds
Rooted: Yes
APP Name:

I updated my phone's system to the latest version. New system versions are supposed to solve issues or make the phone's performance better, however, opposite things happen in my mobile. First, my battery drains easily. I rarely use my phone since I work during the day time. The maximum number of hours that I use my phone is for 1 hour. Next, which is actually the worst, my network signal keeps on restarting. Whenever I use my mobile data, it frequently turns out of service and keeps on restarting. I couldn't get a stable data connection. Also, there are times when I connect to Wi-Fi, the network keeps on restarting even when I don't use it.


  • Hi kristinemae_monjardin

    Good day
    Can you provide some information and screenshots regarding the battery drain issue?
    Please charge your phone to full before going to sleep, and leave it unused and unplugged overnight. Please capture screenshots as below on the next morning before you use your phone and tell me how many percentage of power the phone has consumed overnight
    (Battery History details : settings> Battery> please click the sheet)

    For network problem, if the issue is still not fix please backup phone date and factory reset. In order to exclude caused by software.
    Thank you:)
  • Selena_ASUS posted on 2019/1/22 21:24
    Hi kristinemae_monjardin

    Good day

    Regarding the battery issue, it wasn't a big problem. However, the mobile internet is really terrible. I already had it factory reset yet nothing has changed. The problem remained the same. Is there any new android update that would solve this issue. It surely creates a lot of trouble.
  • Bakit kaya sa mga post nyo naka lagay zenfone 4 bug report?? Ehh zenfone max plus m1 dapat eh??
  • Ewan ko sa kanila... Gusto ko na palitan to zen phone max plus ko ... Hindi ma  ng sleep always on hihuhuhuhhu
  • ganto din tong max plus m1 ko. Even though I'm not using the phone. The battery drains too much 
  • wala namang problema masyado sa network... pero grabe yung battery drain nya.. battery king daw to
  • mai nakita ako sa isang post magsign sila para ma sue daw nila yung about sa product kasi scam daw di magamit... baka makatulong yung at mafocus nila matrabaho ang update kasi last year pa ito eh...di ko nagamit phone ko nagdadala akong ng pocket wifi para lang makapagnet... 12k bili ko tapos binagsak nila preso ng 6k within 3 months lang... mao poblema talaga sa unit... di na nila ma fifix yan...
  • Admin fix the bugs. Yes mx plus has new update, but the issue is the same; battery drain, frequently restart the internet/data. I have notice the my battery is very fast ma lowbat every I use my data 2% ang nababawas agad sa battery nya in 4 mins. 100% almost 3 to 4 hrs lng nggmit ko cp ko grbe. King battery daw. I hate ASUS product at sa max plus m1.
    #Fix pls... ASUS. 
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    Selena_ASUS posted on 2019/1/23 10:24
    Hi kristinemae_monjardin

    Good day

    Selena please don't make users suffer more by pretending that every thing is ok, and just small bug in ur device. Why u want her suffer more by asking for screenshots & factory reset? U know exactly it's fucking corrupt device with worst ever software.
    Please just be little true, and tell users better story that don't make them suffer more.
    Would appreciate your understanding & cooperation to better consideration toward people' feelings, time, and money.
  • johnmaglalang35 posted on 2019/3/2 23:42
    ganto din tong max plus m1 ko. Even though I'm not using the phone. The battery drains too much&nbsp ...

    Di ko pa na-upgrade fone ko sa latest version that was released. Pero ang huling matinong version was the one from Oct last year before their shitty Oreo update.
    Andami naming nag-complain about the Oreo update. Mabilis mag-drain ang charge dahil sa problema sa paglock sa signal. Yun ang paniwala ng marami. Asus couldn't do anything about it at that time that some of us resorted to reverting our units back to that Oct version of update. Ang gusto kasi mangyari ng Asus eh tayong users ang mag-beta test ng updates at nag-report ng issues sa kanila.

    I'm still on last year's Old Nougat. It definitely needs improvement but at least, the phone is useable. Now until Asus releases a stable, issue-free update, I'll keep the phone as it is. And will absolutely choose a different brand should I get a new phone.
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