replacement screen spoiled again in less than a year

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i've gotten the screen replaced and less than a year it is spoiled again.

now the screen has loss resolution, flickers white on and off and has became dark.

asus really makes inferior product, no other mobile phone i have bought as spoiled twice in less than a year. and this is considered an higher than mid range phone. asus is trash, never buy asus. if you look at this forum, everyone agrees.
App Name:
Rooted: No
Location: Singapore
Frequency of Occurrence:
Firmware/App Version: WW-
Model: ZE553KL(Zoom)


  • Hi nebulae80

    We sincerely apologize for the problem and any inconvenience.
    Please provide your serial number in box.
    I'll pass your case to related personnel for further assistance
    Thank you
  • i have gone to the service center to repair it under warranty. the person said that the screen was replaced and the warranty will run out on the original warranty date which is in a month's time. 

    i won't be surprised if the screen spoils again in a year and by that time the warranty is over. this has been what has been happening to the other zenfone 3 zoom users in the forum.

    it's just a poor quality product, most likely using lousy parts to maximize profits. it's my last and final Asus product and i advise everyone including my friend and relatives not to buy it.
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