Fast consuming battery!

edited September 2020 in ZenFone Max Series
Model: ZC520TL
Firmware/App Version: TW-15.03.1810.194
Location: Brasil
Frequency of Occurrence:
Rooted: No
App Name:
Description: battery standby consumes, very fast, about 7 hours goes away a full charge!

After updating to Android Oreo, the battery of my smartphone, consumes very fast, especially when not in use! before it lasted almost 2 days, and today it does not exceed 8 hours! I expected a solution from Asus, and I did not get answers, will they issue a correction through an update or not?


  • Hi smokegamesbh,

    Good day,
    Could you kindly tell us your phone battery consume soon when standby or in use?

    If on standby,
    Please charges the battery more over than 30 minutes even the battery percentage gets full, then remove the cable before going sleep.
    Please show me 2 screenshots as below on next morning before you use the phone.
    1. Battery: settings> Battery (Device usage since full charge)
    2. History details: settings> Battery> Advanced battery usage

    If in Use:
    Could you please kindly tell me which app cause battery drain fast?
    How much battery percentage does it consume? How much time do you use this app at the same time? If possible, please kindly show me your battery screenshots so that we could understand more which app run out the battery a lot.

    Thank you.
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