Asus Pre-installed Phone/Dailer App

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Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW-ZS600KL.15.1630.1811.46_0
Frequency of Occurrence: Everytime
Rooted: No
APP Name: Asus Pre-installed Phone App

Sorry i have no idea on the Offical name of your pre installed Phone/Dailer App cant see it listed on the phone as its not showing under app permissions then filter by use of phone.

The app is very confusing unless you are aware of the below.

When you open the App it gives you the two choices Recents or Contacts however maybe their should be an option on scroll left or right because once the dailer is up by pressing the icon at the bottom of the screen there is no way to indictae that if you want to go back to your recents call history list you need to swipe down. Its taken me 2-3 hours to try and find a miss call and ended up having to look at my call history on my watch to get a number i needed.

Fine now im aware of this but going forward you should probally look at this and improve it to make it clear for new customers as 2-3 hours of wasting time to get an urgent number is very frustrating when this is a lack of thought thats gone into the app and by default opening the Phone App defaults to Recents with the dail pad up so could do with an UI improvement here as other Phone/Dailer apps havent had this problem.


  • Hi iStasis,

    Sorry, when you cannot go back to your call history,
    is it when the dial pad is up? Can you tap the back button to go back?
    Could you show me a screenshot of this problem?

    Thank you.
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