PowerMaster Battery Modes

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Model: ZC553KL(Max)
Firmware/App Version: WW_15.0200.1812.503
Location: Portugal
Frequency of Occurrence:
Rooted: No
App Name: ASUS ZenTalk Community
Description: Not exactly a bug, only a request for information.

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Hey, I'm using a Zenfone 3 Max ZC553KL updated to the last version available and I wanted to know what happened to the Perfomance mode on PowerMaster since the "second" android 8 update release (got it two times...), I used to activate it a lot because I like to game sometimes. By the way I would like to know where could I find the real list of the Asus devices that are getting Android Pie (9) because I really like to be updated and who knows that small chance getting it because I think it would be better for the battery of this phone since It seems to drain faster than It did before these update. Thank You for your attention for reading this :D


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    Hi gonga2012 ,

    Good day,

    We don't receive notice of Android p update yet, for the further information, please stay tuned with ZenTalk forum.

    Could you please kindly tell me more about the Pro mode in camera problem?
    Please also show me your original photos and your camera settings for our reference.

    Do you mean your phone battery consume soon when standby or in use?
    If on standby, Please charges the battery more over than 30 minutes even the battery percentage gets full, then remove the cable before going sleep. Please show me 2 screenshots as below on next morning before you use the phone.

    1. Battery: settings> Battery (Device usage since full charge)
    2. History details: settings> Battery> Advanced battery usage

    Thank you.
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