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To asus ,
Are they working on the camera issues? Asus should know about this. The camera is terrible

Issues and need to solve:

●Auto mode in outdoor situations with Good lighting (Main rear camera16mp)
-Camera performance is too bad. Under exposure(Its too dark) When HDR is on, you noticed it doesn't change
Over exposure when the "BOX" shape on camera detects faces and noticed bad color reproductions

●Selfies (Front main 20mp & 8mp Wide angle)
-When Square type detects faces and using front cam on Outdoor with good ambience and well lighting conditions. Camera perform OVER EXPOSURE

●Camera Video recording
-Noticed there's a lot of noises going on audio

●Pro mode
-it's only perform good when Low lighting or sometime bad performance. No consistency

●Portrait mode on
-When detecting objects (Faces / People) Its going Under exposure resulting to dark images even in good and well lighting situation

So ASUS should know about this issues on camera of this "QUAD Camera" All four camera is useless and bad. Asus should try this model so they can observe and know where they need to improve on "Camera app Software"

Not only for my intention but for US who using this Zenfone 5Q all over the world.
This post pointing for any IMPROVEMENT to give Clients or Customers a better performance "A Worthy PHONE" instead a trash phone.

Still looking forward about any of this issues on Upcoming Updates even when Android 9.0 is releases


  • Hi DrewPh

    Good day.
    Are your firmware version currently on the WW-14.0400.1811.061?
    If yes. Please kindly restore the camera app and update to version for a check.

    ●Auto mode in outdoor situations with Good lighting
    - Please try to turn off the HDR mode and switch "Pro mode.
    I would suggest you can adjust the ISO and EV value by manually.

    - Please kindly try to lock AWB/AE, and adjust the brightness bar.(Please see below attachment)

    ●Camera Video recording
    - Could you please tell me in which scenario did you record the video?
    - Which video quality did you choose in camera settings?
    - Please kindly show me a short video and upload to a cloud for our reference. (e.g. Google drive or Asus webstorage)

    ●Pro mode
    - Please kindly tell me more about this matter and show me your Pro mode settings.
    - Also, show me your original photos for reference.

    ●Portrait mode on
    Do you mean the preview screen or photo?
    If you mean photos, please show me your original pictures.

    Thanks and have a nice day. :)
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    Emilee_ASUS posted on 2019/1/17 18:41
    Hi DrewPh

    Good day.

    Hi Good day. Thank you for your tips and suggestions, but... What you suggest is... I already did what you said. Before you give that tips.but what i experienced in actual was not a good example. If ASUS DEVELOPER try what product is this. They can tell and they can witness how bad the camera is.

    But your tips on AUTO MODE. seriously?? WE Asus Zenfone User really dont need to adjust in some instances.. What i said is, AUTO MODE should perform good as it is.

    When trying to adjust in pro mode. (OUTDOOR WITH GOOD LIGHTING) You dont have any choice to adjust bcoz the result was, OVER EXPOSURE OR MAYBE UNDER EXPOSURE. What i said. Why dont asus do this on actual? So they can say that this phone is very bad incomes with the camera.

    I'm not telling that I am the only one who's experiencing this issues on camera. There's a lot of users but they didnt complain about it
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    Hi DrewPh,

    Good day.
    Sorry for my late reply.
    There are some conditions that will influence the amount of light entering the shutter,
    for example, the shooting angle or position, even the light of the scenario.
    I would suggest you to try to adjust the brightness bar before shutter.
    https://www.asuswebstorage.com/n ... 4EA40A6D79AA25D70AY

    If your firmware has updated to WW-14.0400.1901.062, camera version is on
    Please show me your original photos and tell me more details as below:
    (1.) Camera mode
    (2.) Camera set-up
    (3.) In which scenario do you take the photo
    (4.) Please kindly point out the details of the performance. (e.g. overexposure and without details or noisy)
    (5.) Please upload photos to a cloud, and send me your share link.

    We would appreciate your reply.
    Wish you a nice day. :)
  • Hi Drew Ph,

    Good day.
    May I know whether the photo poor performance still exists after the update WW-14.0400.1903.065?
    I apologize for missing your original reply. (https://www.asus.com/zentalk/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=234837)

    Thank you. :)
  • Yeah i agree bro camera sucks on this i bought this phone on april 6 2019
  • Hi legendarycue1,

    Good day.
    If your firmware is currently on the WW-14.0400.1903.065, camera version is on
    Could you show me your original photos and describe more about it?
    Also, please show me information as below:
    (1.) Camera mode
    (2.) Camera set-up
    (3.) In which scenario do you take the photo

    Thank you. :)
  • ☝️☝️☝️ that's how Asucks pretends to be helping.
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