Whatsapp story watch notch bar is a green
Attachment not found.
Instagram Resize not working buttons %5 not show

Instagram DM my girlfriend send me photo but %25 Sector instagram Text message sectorAttachment not found.
İnstagram İgo a next video but previous video not stop and not volume muted

System volume not balanced
My volume level %25 but Output volume %10

İ will Detected bug and Write my post underline
Please fix it
thank You.


  • Hi berk.yildizkaya.8,

    Good day.
    (1.) WhatsApp problem, we've reported to our tech team.

    (2.) Instagram app problem.
    Sorry, I got some confusion here.
    1. Please kindly restore the Instagram and update to the latest version
    2. If this problem still appears, please tell me more about this "resize "problem and show me a short video about the video problem.

    Thank you.
  • Hi berk.yildizkaya.8,

    Good day.
    After confirming with our tech team about the green status bar of WhatsApp.
    This is considered normal behavior in WhatsApp.

    We would suggest you can report this to the third-party app developer via the Google Play store.
    Thank you.
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