Oreo Update Bug ZC520TL

Model: ZC520TL
Firmware/App Version: 15.10
Location: Bangladesh
Frequency of Occurrence:
Rooted: No
App Name:
Description: I updated my zc520tl to Oreo 8.1 then did factory reset...everything is good but while I'm playing video in almost every video player videos are lagging badly...facing battery draining problem and while sliding down notification panel it's lagging...now what should i do???
please help

Videos Are Lagging...Notification Panel Lagging


  • Hi shohanurshanto39,

    Good day.
    Do you play video on the internet or stock video made by the camera?

    The notification panel problem, please kindly try to restore the ZenUI Launcher and update to the next for a check.

    Thank you.
  • stock videos are lagging in every player...like mx player
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    shohanurshanto39 posted on 2019/1/9 16:20
    stock videos are lagging in every player...like mx player

    Honestly Asus don't have solution for this problem they will say you

    1. Factory reset
    2. Clear cache (recovery menu)

    But these experts fail to understand which option is best and solution many of us after updating have audio bug it's never be solved if you try to restart it will bring more bugs than previous one,, just leave

    Battery consumption:
    It is very common problem in Asus but you can keep control of it Oreo drains so much than nougat because of many reasons I will provide them here it's in your you hand to keep them in control

    Notification takes too much of power compared to nougat try to control notification

    2. Apps
    In Oreo apps run madly in BG taking data and energy I just left data open one night and in the morning 2gb vanished just like that due to be process of apps (fb , drive, contacts, maps) and battery dropped to 10% from 90%

    Avoid unwanted apps restrict bg process , restrict bg data usage of unwanted apps use often power manager to stop by running apps not booster at notification bar it doesn't stop anything.

    3. Maps & location:
    Maps are taking much amount of data & location just sucks away battery like juice when changed to high accuracy as many apps use location service they gets active when location turned on

    4. Sync
    Sync is main cause of data problem & discharge try to use only when you need (be noted sync stopping could result in many problem with Google service like photos don't sync, contacts & mails)

    5. Google
    Avoid most of Google service apps including chrome & Google app these take away energy

    Now I kept my research in front you it's you decision to use it or not I know it's very difficult to avoid such things we just went for wrong choice of Asus we have no other choice than changing device or if you can't want to stick with this device try to understand your device track everything using settings

    I hope this is the end
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