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the errors I encountered after the update of android 9;
1) Camera cannot write photos taken in sdcar
2) The battery charge protection is not activated for hours (as a suggestion, it may be better to remove the time limit and allow the battery limit option for the entire day and the percentage of the charge to be determined by ourselves.)
3) when watching music or videos, alerts from other programs cause the sound to be cut off
4) It behaves very unstable compared to android 8 in daily use. Can be locked from time to time.
5) When you restart the phone, only the background image remains loaded before the main screen arrives in either of the two launches.
6) Auto screen brightness does not work
7) long-time running the phone from time to time as if the first time fingerprint and face recognition does not accept the password you want to open.
8) The power on key and fingerprint sensor does not wake up the phone from time to time, the phone does not react.
9) voice problems during the interview.

Note: Another suggestion is that when the phone is woken up, the white background and the highest brightness of the screen will be easy to use when the phone is woken up in order to be able to open the face in the dark.
Note: Finally, when opening the locked applications, the face recognition process is running very slowly and needs to be accelerated.

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  • Hi, My Asus phone still showing 7.1.1 version. How to update to the new version?
  • Hello proxtg,

    Good day.
    Is your firmware version currently on the WW-V16.0610.1812.58?
    (1.) Do you mean you cannot set-up default save photos to SD card?

    (2.) Do you mean the "Scheduled charging" not follow the time schedule to get a full charging? (e.g. The battery gets full before the end time?)
    And "To remove the time limit ", If you would like to suggest this as an improvement to our RD team
    please feel free to post your needs in the "Idea for next" section, at the following:
    Posts in that section will be highly considered by our team

    (3.) Could you tell me which alerts from other programs? Do you mean apps' notifications coming will interrupt the music or video?

    (4.) Sorry, I got some confusion here. Could you kindly tell me more about this? How does this device unstable after the update?

    (5.) For exclude caused by software, please kindly try to backup phone files and factory reset.

    (6.) Have you turned on the " Auto brightness feature"?
    Please kindly test the " Light sensor test' in the SMMI mode.
    Please help me run the SMMI test to verify if the hardware can function normally. For instructions please refer to the link below:

    (7.) Please kindly remove the fingerprint and face recognition and create a new one.

    (8.) If this problem still exists after the factory reset, I would suggest you backup phone files and bring your phone to a local service center for a further examination. http://www.asus.com/support/Service-Center-All-Countries/

    (9.) Does this problem still appear after factory reset? Could you kindly tell me more about this matter? Which app do you use?

    About the ZenFone 5 face recognition, it is recommended to use this function where the light environment
    Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Emilee_ASUS posted on 2019/1/7 11:40
    Hello proxtg,

    Good day.

    Hello, Emily.

    Yes my phone software WW-V16.0610.1812.58
    1. Yes. Does not save the picture and video into the sdcard.
    2. Timed charge protection does not work. As a matter of fact, the mechanism that shuts off the battery at 80% does not work in any way.
    3. Any incoming notification sound when watching any music or video was previously reported with fade out, but now it is reported by completely turning off the sound of the music you are listening to.
    4. Stumbling when switching between programs
    5. I already did
    6. I did the test you mentioned and it turned out that there was no problem with the light sensor.
    7. I did
    8. Here is what I can not :)
    9. This problem is caused by the operator. It was dissolved
  • My biggest problem is that the navigation bar cannot hide / be hidden !!
    4G+ is a bit slower than before in Android 8.0 -- max. 60 mbps instead of 100 mbps downlink !!

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