[160202] ZE550KL_ WW_1.17.40.1106

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【Model Name】

ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE550KL)

【Release Date】
(It takes about one week for the system to complete the autopush, if you did not receive the updation, please go to 【Setting】->【About】->【System Update】to update manaully)

【Release Note

1.Improve 4G connection.
2.Improve network recovery mechanism.
3.Improve video recording quality.
4.Improve VOIP communication quality.
5.Improve Columbia 4G connection.
6.Improve Gmobile connection in Vietnam

# New Features
1.Theme Store upgrade and add new theme APPs.
2.Add ZenChoice to recommend best APPs.
3.Add security app CM Security.
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