[151026] ZE500KL_ WW_V12.8.5.156

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【Model Name】

ZenFone Laser (ZE500KL)

【Release Date】

【Release Note

1 Google security patch: Fix the security problem about stagefright bug
2 ZenMotion
1) Add the following motion gesture features for ASUS Phone and ASUS Music
- Shake shake to assign a task to ""Do It Later"" app
- Double-tap on the back panel to mute incoming calls
- Flip down screen to mute incoming calls
- Flip down screen to pause music when played in ASUS Music
- Flip up screen to resume music when paused in ASUS Music
2) Add animation tutorial for touch gestures
3) Add animation tutorial for motion gestures
3 Add ZenFlash App
4 Add Laser Ruler App:
Instantly measures the subject's distance within 50cm range by using the laser autofocus feature.
5 Remove LiveWater App, EZTable App
6 Remove SetupWizard icon
7 Support Latvian and Lithuanian languages
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