[140916] PF500KL_WW_ 20140916

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V11.10.5.62- 20140916

【Model Name】

【Release Date】

【Release Note 】
1.Fixed the font issue in time menu in ZenUI.
2.Improved 3D game performance of PadFoneS.
3.Unified the set volume and the actual volume of the alarm.
4.Fixed the screen display issue when chatting via LINE or other third-party messaging apps
5.Improved audio playback when using LINE or other third-party messaging apps.
6.Enhanced the speed of capturing and saving photos when using the camera zoom in feature.
7.Optimized the audio quality of video recording
8.Eliminated abnormal typesetting in Pad mode
9.Improved call recording quality
10.Improved LINE voice message quality under the Pad mode
11.Fixed the issue that the SD card and the system are not working properly when uninstalling OTG.
12.Fixed the issue that the actual system volume is not consistent with the volume settings.
13.Improved instant sentence translation.
14.Improved smart search for and connection to social community websites, and search for data in instant messaging apps.
15.Fixed abnormal turning on/off of mobile data or network.
16.Able to show the File size view when moving an app to the SD card.
17.Improved sharing quality with some non-ASUS wireless HDMI products.

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