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Hello, I want to comment that I have noticed that the screen of my Rog phone 2, presents the ghost effect in the pixels of the screen. Some of the text and graphics from the PUBG mobile game stayed. I am quite disappointed with the quality of Asus. The phone has just 4 months of use. It is the 8 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM Version. In person watching the phone you can read the letters above live and Pubg Mobile removal. less appreciated in the photo. but it shows.


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    Compared with traditional LCD, OLED technology provides more vivid colors and lower power consumption and achieves a thinner screen thickness, enabling users to achieve the best quality visual experience. With the increase of use time, OLED organic rate will produce The phenomenon of "image retention" or "image burn-in" is a limitation of OLED materials and is a normal phenomenon.

    Please contact your local ASUS service center for further processing.

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