Sound recording not wrking properly.

sankeshsankesh Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6


I am unable to record sound when taking videos or recording sound using sound recorder. I am getting a husssss sound in both the above mentioned cases. Attaching a sample of a video I took in which der was no sound in the background at all. Please tell me about the solution.

Thank you.


  • I heard a cough clearly in the background. If the huss sound is not environmental in the room you were recording, then I recommend that you visit a repair center for service.

  • Actually I tried everything but it didn't work for the whole day. But the next day it was wrking just fine. I suspect that high moisture could have cause this problem. Because I had taken the phone to bathroom and took hot shower and the whole room was full of stream 😂. I guess I will avoid that in future.


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