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Seems like my right side trigger freezes while playing PUBG. Sometimes it works fine sometimes it doesn't. This got me killed a lot of times. Please any solution cuz I'm fed-up now.


  • Is this a recent issue? Did the Air Triggers misbehave on earlier versions of the firmware?

    Can you make a video from a second device so that we can see your fingers and the screen at the same time, and see the trigger freeze?

  • Yes this is the recent issue. No there was no problem in previous version.

    I'll try to make the video.

  • I am facing the same isaue, the left trigger remained pressed and would not come back, I had to restart the device each time this happens during the game and this started happening after the recent FOTA ver no. 17.0240.2004.9

    This was not happening before.

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    And i have left triger bad sensetivity on middle

    Its like pressed unpreset multple times

    I bought the phone from first part of preorder from b&h

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