Implications on warranty after unlocking bootloader

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I recently bought a brand new ASUS ZenFone 6, one of the main reasons I bought it is because I wanted to install custom ROMs on it.

However in order to do that I would have to unlock the bootloader (using the official tool), which will void my warranty if I understood the T&C correctly. I am worried that I might encounter an hardware issue, would I still be covered for servicing hardware issues in this case?

Thank you for your responses in advance.


  • You can find the complete warranty info here, but it sounds like you understand the gist of it.

    As you noted, if you unlock the bootloader, your warranty is completely null and void. This would apply to software and hardware support.

    If you want to test out custom ROMs, we would suggest doing this after the 12 month warranty has expired.

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    Thank you for your reply, it is a little bit disappointing that unrelated hardware issues are not covered under warranty. Will the phone be still serviced as an "Out of Warranty (OOW)" product?

    "If Your service request is OOW, a Service Charge List with an offer for repair will be provided to You, which You may accept or reject. If You accept the repair we will provide You with an invoice for the repair labor, spare parts and other costs stated in the Service Charge List. You must pay the invoice within 4 weeks of the invoice’s date of issue. The repair will only be completed after the invoice is settled"

  • @AreTea Where are you from? There are some consumer protection laws in the EU.

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    @ColorSage I am from India, and I am not sure if we have good consumer protection laws... and I imagine it would be hard to take it upto court in any case.

  • In this case ASUS may and will void your warranty. You're out of luck.

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    @ColorSage I understand, but I would like to get further information about Out-of-Warranty service. I want to know for example, if my motorized camera stopped working, could I get it fixed for a price?

  • Any manufacturer should provide that kind of support, however ASUS seemed to struggle with getting their own parts for Zenfone 6 in the past. It'll be best if someone from ASUS will confirm.

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    Thank you for the clarification, I was not sure if mobile manufacturers provide that kind of support.

    It'll be best if someone from ASUS will confirm.

    I'll wait for the same :)

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    Isn't the warranty on the hardware? How does altering the software affect the hardware?

  • Unlocking the bootloader allows the user to change the kernel, and certain kernel changes can cause permanent hardware damage, some examples of common custom kernel changes:

    CPU/GPU overclocking can shorten the lifespan of the CPU/GPU

    Relaxing the thermal restraints in the kernel can cause parts of the phone to overheat which can cause damage

    Undervolting/overvolting different components can cause issues

    Increasing the charge rate can damage the device

    Increasing the display hz might cause some issues although I'm not entirely certain about that

    And there's a lot more, the kernel handles a lot of things, it would not be at all reasonable to ask Asus to cover hardware damage that might have been caused by a custom kernel, not to mention that even without touching the kernel you can use simple root access to change the thermal throttling restrictions in the vendor partition which can completely fry the device, this is a common practice by some power users in order to get better performance in games

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    In my opinion, "Revised Product" should be covered under limited warranty as to support users who want to use a different operating system without altering the hardware limit. I also found this informative text in the description of the unlock app's download page:

    You also acknowledge ASUS does not guarantee service satisfaction to any Revised Product, including events involving paid service requested by you to be performed to the Revised Product. (emphasis mine)

    So it looks like it is a risk endevour.

  • Correct mosimchah, that is why rooting the device voids the software and hardware warranty. We can only guarantee the hardware to run in specification if it has always been running in specification.

    @AreTea Both the hardware and software warranty is voided when you unlock the bootloader.

  • If you mean would the phone still be eligible for Out of Warranty service, then yes it would. But all of the repair costs would be out of pocket.

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    Yes, that is what I wanted to know, thanks for the clarification.

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