Twinview 2 display size problem

renikireniki Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

If I change display size ( small in these photos) from settings twinview screen doesnt scale with phone settings. Please fix this. It affects all the apps like browser etc. I'd like to have unified display size in both screens of course...


  • ok, I'll check with our devs if it can be fixed. Thanks!

  • I was set up to laugh at the silly adornments, however they all solid really cool and not unbelievably expensive either. I'm not the objective market, however I could see this being a specialty achievement.

  • I got a reply from our devs and they say that at the moment, they will not support the change of display size with twinview. Too few users will be using it like this and there are a lot of other more important things to focus on like bugs and new features that a lot of users want.

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