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Hello there! So... I had a Oneplus 7 Pro before RP2 and the tactile feedback on Asphalt 9 was far superior to what we have on ROG Phone 2, which is a gaming smartphone. The Op7Pro vibrated quickly to the beat of the music and the car's accelerator was also felt, all this makes the game a lot more imersive. I think this is just a matter of the asus team to take this into account and make it happen as RP2 has a dual motor haptic like the Oneplus device.

It's worth mentioning that another game that I tried, Minecraft Earth, also has more vibrations on the other device that doesn't on RP2. Devices with this quality of haptic feedback, more so a gaming one like this, should take full advantage of these kind of things. It really makes a difference on the gaming experience.

I hope Asus team takes note of this and hopefully makes it happen in a near future, implementing full haptic feedback support for more games.

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  • OnePlus has manually tweaked specific games to vibrate on specific sounds (I believe this is the trigger, but I could be wrong).

    Anyway, our vibrations in Asphalt 9 were decided by gameloft so in their mind it shouldn't vibrate more than what it does (if you have enabled vibrations in the settings).

    But we're aware that OnePlus implementation of vibrations in games that don't carry any official support for their devices is still quite successful and we're looking into how we can do something similar.

  • I fixed it by opting out of beta, which reinstalled home among trying other fixes at the same time.

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    It's a personal opinion and everybody can feel differently. For me those vibrations in Asphalt were only ruining the game. They were distractive and ruined my reaction times. Vibrations in the screen when I have to touch it were not a good thing. It's in conflict with the low response time of Rog 2. So I switched them off after couple of races and never looked back. A gimmick.

    On the other side tweaking touch in Scenario Profiles is the "real" thing and a true benefit to my game.

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