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how do you guys do the backup when doing factory reset? it's painful to rearrange those icons and whether app data will be there?(e.g. whatsapp)



  • OPCOPC Level 4

    WhatsApp is backed up within the settings of the app. The same goes for Viber, One Note,and others.

    Google stuff I sync to Google drive. Microsoft to One drive.

    Things like photos, download, files in general I make copy to my computer.

  • o, so there are no simple ways to make one off sad

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    Maybe there is, but this is how I do it. Maybe somebody else knows better.

  • I think that you'll need this google cloud backup and restore to fix the problem you're facing. Hope it's nothing serious and all your data is safe. Something similar has happened to me in the past and I lost all my data because I didn't have a proper backup and restore software in place.

  • To perform a Back Up

    1. Stand Up 2. Take 2 steps Back 3.Back up Completed🤗

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