Display black but touch and evething is working

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Hello there,

I want to tell you that i have Asus Rog Phone II as its premium phone and i bought this phone on 27-11-2019. And today I was using Gmail for 5 to 10 mins and after that, i locked my phone and put it on the table then when I turn my phone again on for using after 3 to 4 mins then the screen was not displaying it was totally black each and everything is working fine no screen damage or scratches on the phone i don't know what happens to the screen so as my phone is under warranty. so can you tell me does it covered under warranty?


  • Hey, have you tried recovery mode?

    Power down => Hold & press for 10 seconds as there is no display currently.

    Hold Power + Volume Up leave power once device vibrates, let me know if you see something.

  • i had tried everthing but nothing works

  • i was using gmail and i locked my phone and put it on table after 5 mins i again try to turn on my phone but the display was black and its been now near about 15 days still same i searched google some one is saying inner screen got damage or broke some saying hardware / Software issue but my phone is still in warranty so i hope this got coverd in my warranty other wise i am gonna sue them because if they try to fake me with any sort of fake pics or say that your phone was physical damage anything like that because there is no single scracth on my phone from front and back side and if there is any sort of inner damage in my dispaly then thats your phone faltu because as i mention using gmail and then locked my phone doesnot break my inner screen or something.

  • and i saw many people says that screen got cracked from inside but i am not able to see it and if it does got crack from inside too then how can it be possible because while using gmail how can screen got crack from inside its an manufacturer defect from asus end so asus have to cover this under warranty because i had seen many people are facing this issue that screen got cracked from inside whithout any damage or drop so please update this too if my phone screen got cracked too then i dont think its a physcial damage from my end and its should be cover under warranty

  • This sounds like an issue you should bring up with a repair center. If the phone is completely non-responsive there is no software troubleshooting we can offer.

  • ok but can you make tell me if there is any kind of internal screen damage by itself then does it cover under warrany because internal damage is not in our hand and why anyone will do that on his own so can you clear me that so that there should escuses from service centre end and i can show this message to them also

  • The repair center will make the final decision, I can't make any assurances remotely.

    If you never dropped the device, then you should have nothing to worry about.

  • never ever i droped my phone but i seached google and i found that in my case there can me internal damage to the screen which is not been visible but i want to make sure that there is not even a single scracth or dent on my phone from front and back and then interal crack is not any kind of accidental or dropped kind of damage.

  • i just want to know clearly that screen internal damage is coverd under warranty or not if not then please tell me why should we buy this rog phone II which 38k because its screen got break from inside while using gmail for 5 to 10 mins thats why we should buy this phone ?

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