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Hey i tried to use free form windows mode since windows 10 support it. I already toggle on those related settings as you can see below.

then i restart my device, but still nothing happened, there is no icon to toggle free form windows

i saw at internet it should be like this on recent apps

but mine still like this

Thanks in advance.



  • Short answer, it doesn't work because it's not supported.

    Most android phones have a couple of developer options that doesn't work. Many of these functions are experimental and not prioritized to work.

  • but will it be happen in the future? it's make our multitasking seamless since zenfone 6 specs is flaghsip and our display is holy all screen display. so i can open gmail chrome and others apps for work seamless.

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    srry double post, got slow connection and cant delete post

  • Well i finally make it works but only with setting app, it doesn't work with whatsaap, gmail, etc.

    I'll be glad if asus make it works on the next update, because sometimes when I'm watching youtube full screen or playing games, when there is message, i can reply it in freeform windows, it's so anoying we have to pause the video or anything just to reply to some work message. You get what i mean?

    here some proof from another device that can make it work.

    fyi: floating window=freeform window

    Thanks in advance!

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