Horrible sound crackling/stuttering on ZS630KL

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The sound is definitely not normal. As exemplification, I'll talk about whatsapp audios for instance: the more audios I try to listen (as if in a normal conversation), or even the longer I keep listening to the same audio (like 1 min length), the worse It gets, almost like a cumulative lag.

Below, there is a .mp4 file which holds a recording of my screen and shows exactly what I am talking about.

What is this?? Should I just return It? The phone arrived only 2 days ago.


  • Before returning, perform a factory reset and try again. The firmware may be corrupted. I don't think that's a hardware problem

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    I'm passing by to let you know the outcome!

    After more tests, I realized that it happened only with whatsapp audios and, more specifically, only after I hovered my hand over the proximity sensor while playing an audio...that would interrupt the audio and, as soon as I clicked to play again, from that moment on, it would come out cracked and stuttered, no matter which audio I played.

    I followed your instructions, however, with a slight difference: I performed a hard reset instead of the factory reset, since the problem seemed to be very specific, kind like a bug related to one specific app. which was whatsapp (on telegram it was ok).

    These are the first minutes of test but, apparently, the problem has been solved. Do you think there's a chance for this problem to happen again, if I stick to this unity? I mean, could it be a defective one, or was it just a simple eventual bug? I'm asking because I've never had to perform a hard reset before to "solve" any problems...

  • New and final update: the problem hasn't been solved. I'm returning the phone.

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